Bravely Default 2

This is an old school JRPG, with final fantasy feel and traditional JRPG. Where this game shines is in the unique take on traditional JRPG combat. It’s roughly a 60 hour gameplay but the game has a nice way of operating its job/class system for your party and really promotes and rewards you for grinding and maxing out each class. There’s also monster even at the very beginning that are at the very beginning that are impossible to beat but beating them provides tons of experience and once you finally can beat them, provide an easy way to grind/farm exp. I loved the story and flow of the game, and loved defeating the optional bosses. Some of the side quest I will say did feel tedious as it was a bunch of busy work.

Despite that I think every quest completed was worth the effort as some nice rewards were given and that was how you got more classes for your party. Along with that, there’s a lot of trial and error to be made. You can literally customize your party the way you want with the way classes/passive abilities work. I also think boss deigns we’re great and provided a decent challenge despite the amount of grinding I’d put in before I took on the next boss. This was a fun game I sank probably 120 hours into and loved every minute I spent playing this game.

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