• The Ascension Legacy: The Shamed Ranger, Book 1

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The Ascension Legacy: The Shamed Ranger, Book 1

The Ascension Legacy: A Legend Confirmed, Book 2

The Ascension Legacy: A Hidden King Found, Book 3

The Ascension Legacy: A Fallen Hero, Book 4

The Ascension Legacy - Book 5: Conquest & Conflict

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The Ascension Legacy: The Shamed Ranger, Book 1

Forced to live in shame for his father's accused crime of murder, Riorik, a young elf, vows to restore his family's honor and prove his father's innocence. After Riorik discovers an ancient legend might be connected to his father's circumstances, Riorik and his friends leave all that they know behind in the search for the truth.

The Ascesion Legacy: A Legend Confirmed, Book 2

Elven adventurers Riorik and Nordahs, along with their human friend, Hugh-having decided to abandon their positions in the Rishdel Rangers' Guild after the guild leaders ordered Riorik and Nordahs to kill Hugh for being a berserker-continue their dventure in the hunt for Riorik's missing father. New friends, new foes, and new information await as the three friends continue their adventurous search.

The Ascension Legacy: A Hidden King Found, Book 3

After their fight at the shrine, Riorik and his friends press on with their search for the legendary Ascension Armor. With their wounds slowing them down and their food supply running low, the party must choose between their lives and their quest. Meanwhile, the unseen king's troops prepare to strike.

The Ascension Legacy: A Fallen Hero, Book 4

With one piece of armor in their possession and another nearby, Riorik and his allies plot their next move. Their path leads them into an unexpected conflict when the group comes face to face with their opposition, who possesses multiple pieces of the Ascension Armor. When their battle ends, Riorik's party is not the same. Will the party be able to continue with their quests? Has Riorik's search for his father come to an end?

The Ascension Legacy: Conquest & Conflict, Book 5

The invasion of Corsallis has begun! Following the events at the oasis, Riorik and his friends must find a way to stop the powerful forces threatening their homes. But there loss at the oasis that included the death of a friend has left the group questioning their chances for success. Distrust and low morale nags at the group's ever action with the revelation of the identity of the invading forces' leader. Only support from the armies of the large cities can turn the tide of ware few others know is upon but how will Riorik and his companions convince them to put aside their generations of racial divide to stop the murderous rampage of the forces who possess two pieces of the legendary Ascension Armor?

Interview with Gary Richardson

"This is a story of discovery, adventure, and friendship."

Gary Richardson

About the Author

Can he uncover the truth?

Can he restore his family’s honor?