Beta Readers

Currently available books open to Beta Readers can be found at the bottom of this page. Simply scroll down and click the link to a book (or books) that you would like to become a Beta Reader for.

If you have questions or are unsure what a Beta Reader is, please review the FAQ below to see if your questions are addressed. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me on social media and I will be happy to answer any other questions that I can.

What is a Beta Reader?

A Beta Reader is someone who reads pre-release manuscripts, i.e. ones that are finished by the author but not published to any retail outlet or under contract with any publisher for distribution.

Does it cost anything to be a Beta Reader?

No! To participate as a Beta Reader is 100% FREE. It does require that each Beta Reader have an account on the StoryOrigin website but it is 100% free to register for an account and free accounts can participate in the Beta Reader program.

What does a Beta Reader do?

Beta Readers read each chapter, one chapter at time, and provide feedback on each chapter before proceeding to the next. This is not the same as reading the book as a whole and then providing one single review that talks about the book in general. This is an opportunity for readers to provide critical feedback for each individual chapter which in turns allows me, the author, to assess that feedback and make any changes I feel are necessary to address any concerns, issues, or errors reported in the hope that the changes make for a better story in the end.

Do I need to install any software or use a specific device to participate?

Absolutely not!

Each chapter is presented individually through your web browser. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. If you can reach the URL to see the book then you already have everything you need to start reading. Just login and read, its that simple.

What kind of information/feedback are Beta Readers required to provide?

Whatever you feel is relevant. The website does require that Beta Reader leave some comment at the end of each chapter before moving on the next but if you found no issues with the chapter the feedback could be as simple as, "well done. no changes required." The level of feedback provided is ultimately up to each Beta Reader but the whole purpose of this program is for authors to solicit feedback from readers for manuscripts before they are released.

Are there any specific questions or feedback to be aware of as we read each chapter?

On occasion, yes. I have the ability to provide specific questions for each chapter to help guide readers to areas I may be looking to get feedback for. However, those questions should not be the limit to any feedback. Feel free to provide any and all feedback for any chapter regardless of the level of direction/focus my notes may provide.

If changes are made to a chapter after I've read it, can I read the updates and provide feedback on the changes?

Absolutely! As changes are made to chapters, the changes will be visible to readers, even those who had previously read that chapter and submitted feedback. In fact, Beta Readers are encouraged to provide feedback on changes given that some changes may be the direct result of that reader's feedback. I want to ensure that any changes made are made to improve the story, not the other way around.

Where do I sign-up to be a Beta Reader?

After making an free account on StoryOrigin's website, follow the link(s) at the bottom of this page to request access as a Beta Reader to any of the currently available books I have posted.

Can I see what a book is about before I sign-up as a Beta Reader?

Absolutely! Each book posted comes with a list of topics/genres that the book falls into along with a plot summary. This allows potential Beta Readers to pick the book or books that fit their reading preferences.

Can I be notified of when you add new books to the Beta Reader program?

Yes you can. Follow me on social media (Facebook & Instagram) where I will post about Beta Reader opportunities.


Books currently open for Beta Readers:

Sus (Sci-Fi, Space, Adventure, Murder Mystery, Fiction)

Kazi (Sci-Fi, Space, Adventure, Fiction)

The Nazi Redeux (Sci-Fi, Time Travel, WWII, Fiction)