Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Now I’m a huge DBZ fan. I’ve even always wanted a Dragon Ball RPG but this one just wasn’t for me. I was so excited I bought the game and it’s season pass for DLC. The game follows the storyline of Dragon Ball Z and follows it to a T. The problem I guess I had was that you play EVERY detail. It was like I don’t wanna walk as Gohan just to find my dad. Just cause the story dragged. Don’t get me wrong, that honestly is DBZ sometimes but when it comes to video games I love and appreciate a good story but I want to get to the action. If I wanted to watch and see a story, that’s what I personally feel separates a movie from a video game is the actual action. Personally that’s why I love the Xenoverse series. (More on that as it’s about Kakarot not Xenoverse) I just think there could’ve been a better execution. The story was true to the Universe and everything and it was an open world with fun slice of life things to do like fish. I guess I more or less appreciate the way other games had you play through the story and how it got told. When I look to live through a story, I feel the games have told it and gotten the trueness through without all the little meaningless stuff. The side quest were painfully plain and the combat I feel had less depth than other games. I think the retelling and reliving the DBZ story was nice but I personally have watched the entire season From DB to DB GT several times and I would like to play and get to the action part and battle as my favorite fighters. As an ROG I just think the battling could've been more favorable as the fights is Dragon Ball Series is really what everyone anticipates and that’s where this game feel a little short for me.

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