Another game I’m embarrassed to say I play but I have enough $$ invested I can’t really bring myself to stop. This huge 100 person  battle royal got my attention back when it was still pretty basic @ season 7 years back. Now it’s like season 22 and instead of their “Fortnite skins” now we get crossovers with John Cena and Goku. (I am currently rocking Cena rn) This is a free to play game where you battle 100 other players collecting loot (ammo/guns/weapons) and battle as the “storm” pushes you and forces the last remaining players to duke it out for the win. It used to be a simple gun battle royal, but now there’s vehicles, deku smashes (anime superpower), and Kamehameha waves (also anime.) Needless to say it’s gotten crazy and sometimes cringe as there’s all kinds of collabs bringing your favorite celebs and fictional characters to life in this battle royal. There’s something for me when you play with friends no matter how terrible a game is, it instantly can become fun. While fortnite isn’t by any means what I’d call a “great game” it’s fun enough I enjoy hopping on and getting a win with John Cena and doing his signature “You Can’t See Me.”  There’s not a game I know where John Cena can light saber Ariana Grande, and that craziness is exactly what keeps me playing this game. Fortnite can definitely have its cringe but I think it’s about what you make of it and how you choose to play. It’s just about hopping on and having fun for me and I think that’s enough reason to give this game or any other Battle Royal style game a try as Battle Royals weren’t exactly my thing at one point either but here I am.

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