Game Review: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

I didn’t put a whole lot of time and Effort into Valhalla, but I wasn’t a fan. I wanted to give it a shot but I hate the RPG spin it’s taken. I love RPGs but I just can’t get behind it. I loved the original story with Ezio, and the rogue like gameplay. Dark Ages England is a  nice setting and I liked the idea of being a Viking. By no means do I think it’s a bad game but when I play an assassins creed game I’m not looking to be an aggressive brute smashing my enemies and using a bow. I want to be rogue like, using stealth and doing missions. Taking the pigeon assassination contracts, and doing parkour across the city. I loved the connection with history and assassin lore.  There have been a few title to move into the RPG realm and Assassins Creed is one that I don’t think capitalized like other titles. Assassins Creed is a game I always enjoyed the rogue like gameplay and assassin feel. I would never use an actual weapon, I’d use my hidden blades and disarm enemies to use their weapons against them if I had really had to fight. Otherwise, I always chose stealth and tried not to be seen. I just would appreciate a step back and a continuity of the original Creed games. While the games aren’t bad at all and the gameplay can be fun I just think the franchise has moved on from what made me enjoy the franchise in the first place. It’s just when I play an assassin game, I am looking to be an assassin and live by the code. I don’t want to care about anything other than how much a contract pays me. I want to get in, kill who I need to then vanish into the shadows until I have my next victim. I saw there’s gonna an iron man cross over, and I’m just not seeing how a rooftop unibeam supports an assassin gameplay. I’m sure there people that love the game, and enjoy what it has to offer. The game being an RPG, isn’t really the issue. The game feels like it took a few steps back from Orgins. The story doesn’t click, and the writing isn’t good enough to keep me interested. The climbing and mechanics don’t feels as smooth and older games but it still looks great. The grind in this game also just isn’t worth it. Everything you do eventually becomes a chore so I got burned out and stopped after about 30 hours. While I can say it’s not a terrible game, this one just didn’t hit home for me and ill pass. Anyone looking to find that AC feel, this isn’t it. 

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