Game Review: Dragon Quest XI

Anyone who knows me, knows that if it’s not Vin Diesel or The Rock.. it’s Dragon Ball Z. So how can I not love a game that the DBZ creator, Akira Toriyama, does the art work for. Dragon Quest holds a special place in my heart as it is one of the first games I ever played. I had DQ3 on Game Boy Color, and then DQ9 on DS. DQ11 follows the traditional linear gameplay, and it has the traditional turned based combat. Toriyama’s art style and the characters’ personalities keep these game interesting. You as the hero get are a reincarnation of the fabled Luminary destined to do battle with The Dark One. Along the journey you gain party members who each have their own story, and you build an intimate connection with each of them. They each have their own comic relief that being life into these dark times. On the grand journey, you will have side quest and smaller objectives that take priority. The side objectives keep the story interesting and provide a nice change of pace as you journey through the main story. The real fun comes from fighting bad guys, finding treasure in dungeons, and fighting bosses anyway. The game isn’t difficult, but the bosses do require strategy as they will catch you off guard and wipe out your party. This game originally came out in 2017, but this game came out on Switch 2019. By far one of the best JRPGS I’ve played on switch, and I think it’s best played on Switch as it has additional content and it looks great. While the PS4 version is obviously sharper and looks better, side by side it’s hardly an issue as the animation style and textures resonate well with the switch.

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