Game Review: Ghosts of Tsushima

What an amazing game with lots of beautiful scenery. It’s an RPG I’m still working on to get 100%. I love the world feudal Japan time era. Ever since I started watching anime and doing martial arts I found a love for Japanese culture and the bushido code. While not historically accurate, this fiction take on the Mongol invasion on the island of Tsushima makes for an epic journey.  The character, Jin, struggles as he is a samurai and realizes he has to resort to other than honorable tactics to take on the Mongol Empire. The inner struggles and desperate need to save his homeland makes for a compelling story and one you can’t help but fall in love with. The music is great, as you travel your horse and travel to your next destination. There’s plenty of quest to take on. What’s great is they tell you what your reward is so you can prioritize what you want/need. The combat is layered and gives of a martial arts feel as you can change stances mid combat based on what type of enemy or attack comes your way. The steady difficulty progression feels great as it’s challenging but not enough to piss me off or throw my controller. It’s nice to be challenged and while I personally took a minute to get hood at the combat system as I tend to switch between games, now I’m a force to be reckoned with and go out to take on any challenge I can. While you are a samurai, it’s equally satisfying to go all assassins creed and silently take out the Mongols as I enter their territory. There’s nothing too exciting when it comes to stealth but you’re not a ninja after all and facing your opponents honorably head on is what a samurai should do. It also feels amazing when you do a stand off and you can take strike 5 people down at once as they charge you head on. The beautiful part of the game comes in the non linear approach, being able to choose your next destination and complete quest at your own pace. While traveling, you see the calming landscape and can come across a shrine or two. You can even come across a hot spring and take a moment to reflect and think about everything that’s going one. You’ll even get a bandana inscribed with the haiku you create. There’s always something to do, and the story is full of lessons. With the few that you can trust, you realize that even your closest friends will stab you in the back. With all the moral dilemmas, trust, and betrayal you really do resonate with Jin.

With everything that unfolds and how people fear the Mongol Empire, it really makes you feel like you are the only hope to save your homeland earning you the title and growing the legend of The Ghost of Tsushima.

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