Game Review: God of War

I haven't played much GOW but I did play GOW 3 and I enjoyed it. It was in PS3, and I loved the constant boss fights and savagery/brutality that Kratos had. Playing this GOW on the PS5, the gameplay is different and more more souls-like. Kratos seems to be a much different man, less of a brute god slayer and more of a family man. He has a son, and they both are trying to climb up a mountain to put Kratos’ wife’s ashes on top of a mountain. Kratos has just defeated the Olympian Gods, and is now settled down with his son. In the beginning Kratos confronted by a stranger who also has godly powers trying to Kratos and his son. It’s an interesting father/son journey that has fun combat and cool cutscenes. Seeing the man Kratos has become and his son is unaware of his fathers’ past is an interesting story to unravel. The God of War series interested me as I love Norse Mythology and anything to do with brutal combat and interesting fights which God of War has provided me back on the PS3 and now on my PS5. I’ll be waiting to try Ragnarok. 

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