Game Review: The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild

This game won GOTY in 2017, and definitely deserved it. It was one one of the few games available with the switch when it first came out and I personally consider it one of the best RPGs to come out on Switch and the best game to come out with the Switch (besides Smash Bros.) In the Zelda series I only played Ocarina of Time. It’s was an amazing game and I played it on N64 as well as the 3DS. BOTW is a new RPG take on a 30 year old series and it definitely delivered. For Zelda fans it brought some nostalgia, but it’s a great game for new comers to enjoy as well. You, as Link, wake up from a 100 year slumber of restoration. Your journey starts in a ravaged kingdom of Hyrule taken over by Ganon, and you need to recovery your memories to figure out what happened during those 100 years. There’s puzzle shrines to complete, mysteries to solve, and a kingdom to save. There’s 4 divine beast that we’re controlled by 4 champions who have since perished, and you need to reclaim control so they can help you defeat Ganon. Your Master Sword is in the forest and you need to reclaim it, or you can ignore it all and go straight to Ganon. That fight may be hard, but it’s possible. That’s the beauty in the game as you spend hours exploring the beautiful, semi- realistic world and everything is at your disposal. The combat is simple yet fun, and is as deep as your imagination. A bunch of enemies in the forest? Why not just set the grass on fire around them, or find a boulder roll onto them? Your weapons break, and if you’re not mindful you could end up disarmed but you’re not defenseless. The different RPGs elements, the beautiful animated world, and survival mechanics make this a well rounded RPG for any gamer. BOTW is a great take on a 35 year old series, and there’s so much in the game that you’d just have to jump into the world yourself. Usually I care less about a story and more about action but here the story is one worth remembering and following to the end. It’s worth finding the captured memories to unfold the story, and the orchestra soundtrack is amazing yet calming. It fits the theme and gives you a sense of what you should be feeling at that point and time. This was a great game, but I think this was one of the best games to start out with the Switch and there’s definitely a hype for BOTW 2.

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