Game Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A game series that I used to play at McDonald’s on their N64 version then spent weekends at my cousins house playing Smash Bros. Melee on my GameCube. A fighting game series I have loved from the start, and now you can bring the Smackdown on the go.  It’s a game where all my favorite video game characters could finally have the dream matches I’ve envisioned. As a lover of combat sports and an ex wannabe Pro Wrestler, the game just speaks to me. The series started off pretty shallow in variety but this game has the biggest roster the series has seen. This game has a long story mode, where to have to fight to unlock your characters as you start with Kirby. (Sakurai the creator made Kirby at 19 y/o so I’m sure he’s got much love for this character) There’s a classic mode that lets you do battle with not just the classic Master Hand, but other bosses from other series’ games. The main new additions are I love are Sephiroth from FF7, Kazuya from Tekken, and Hero from Dragon Quest. The crossovers in this game were huge and there were more DLC fighters than other games. One I thought was cool was Min Min from  ARMS (a fighting game character from one of the first games that the Switch had. She has stretchy arms and loves Ramen.) While over the years the changes in moves have made me change what characters I used most, the game is still great and true to the series. I still use Captain Falcon and Donkey Kong. The game itself I played well over 150 hours solo on story and classic modes, then I would practice trying to get better than anyone I play against. The game never gets old and it’s one I can play endlessly with couch co-op. I’ve spent weekends with my uncle and cousins playing Smash where the winner and highest kills has to drink some good ol Teremana. (The Rock’s tequila) There isn’t a whole lot of co-op games out there but this one 4 years later is still fun to have people around and whoop their candy a**. It’s also fun to talk trash and get your butt kicked too. As a busy father, gym rat, and Army guy I don’t socialize much. (That that I ever did without being those 3 things) This is not just a great fighting game I love, it’s a game that is fun to have social interaction with my family (who I’d also consider “friends”) and kind of catch up as we goof off and do stupid things in the game to irritate each other. The game is AMAZING, the music/soundtrack is great to hear as not only does it have a beautiful intro but it has music hand picked from each series. This game is my favorite fighting game as most have moved into online focus and with most gatherings being a group of gamers there’s not too many games to allow us all to wreak havoc and torture each other like smash bros. This is a great game, one of the best to start out with the Switch console l, and the MASSIVE roster not only allows you to enjoy your favorite gaming icons, but you get to see and explore new ones. I never played a Fire Emblem game or heard of one until I was playing my GameCube and got invaded by some swordsman named Marth. This game is one to always have on hand cause it’s never gonna get old.  

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