Kirby and the Forgotten Land

I am a huge fan of the Kirby series and I’ve played the Kirby games on several different platforms. This game take a new take on the series and makes it a 3D adventure. This was the Mario Oddessy for Kirby. This games wasn’t entirely difficult but that’s not exactly the appeal of the games. I think it’s a challenge enough in its own right to keep it interesting though. This game has beautiful level design and was a great new way to play the traditional Kirby games. Usually Kirby is a light hearted feel but this game takes you in a post apocalyptic world as Kirby is sucked up through a black hole that requires to traverse in this 3D platform making your way through the levels and defeating enemies. The combat is fairly simple but the traditional copy ability that allows you to have different powers spices things up and keeps it interesting. Another twist they had was instead of Kirby swallowing things he’d just kind of put a car or other items in his mouth and he’d traverse or use that item in a fun way. Honestly I thought it was weird and kind of stupid as Kirby seems to swallow everything why would he turn into a car but it was fun, unique and weird. The co-op I will say did fall a little short as it had the “younger sibling feel” as it was extremely limiting in what they could do as you’re stuck as Waddle Dee and can’t copy abilities or change like previous games. This game  gave me the experience I wanted and did a great job at capturing the Kirby adventure in a 3D world. While Co-Op could’ve been better I’m not sure that’s entirely what was intended for this game, but it would’ve been fun to play with my brother like I used to and have that same experience in a new 3D adventure for Kirby. At least being Waddle Dee was much better than being the Hat in Mario Oddessy.

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