Moonlighter (Switch)

How many people have been stuck somewhere, been too busy doing something and wish they were somewhere else or at least had time to do something else. I feel like this game portrays this feeling and delivers on “what could be” perfectly. I myself was stuck at a job (usually working 12-18hr days) This game fed my imagination and sense of adventure. You’re a shop keeper by day and dungeon crawler by night. Collecting treasure, defeating monsters, and progressing through the different caves and it’s levels. You ,the humble shop keeper (Will) sell all the goods, weapons, and monster loot you collect at night in order to upgrade your equipment, and buy potions so you can actually progress and make your way through the dungeons. The thing about the dungeons is as you progress through it, if you don’t have enough money you can’t come back to that specific point and you’ll have to make your way back through it (unless you can make it to the final boss and defeat it.) You’re also able to complete a dungeon as many times as you please, collecting different and possible more valuable loot each time. While the dungeon crawling is fun, and a main point of the game. The shop and town is just as important. You have to invest in your small town to able to bring in more money and goods for yourself and the townspeople. You run a shop and you need people to be drawn to that shop. Not only that but people have supply and demand, and you even change the price based on that. You dictate the prices and what you sell things for. (Just hope people buy it) You also have shoplifters that come in and try to steal from you. Both sides of the game have their fun and it’s a game well worth diving into. It’s a relatively cheap game, with hundreds of hours of gameplay and honestly as much gameplay as you’re willing to put in especially with the New DLC. I’d say this game is one of my favorites that I even bought and played on my PS5 as well.

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