Pokemon Legends: Arceus

This was a new take on the Pokémon series taking us back to the origin of the Pokémon world itself. You aren’t necessarily doing the traditional turned based battles. You’re hiding in the wild catching Pokémon in the over world. Avoiding strong Pokémon as they attack you not your pokemon. It’s almost like playing a game and it being realistic on how the world would be if Pokémon were truly roaming around. Battling has been redone and it’s more challenging with your “Strong/Agile” styles. You fight Titan/crazed Pokémon and stop their rampages. This game completely reinvented the series and reimagines how a Pokémon game should be played. I had fun with the idea of me as the player calming down the Pokémon and doing what I could before I sent out my Pokémon to finish the job. This Pokémon game imitates what it’s really be like in the wild with Pokémon. This entry also has a new take as this is kind of about the origin of Pokémon and trying to discover and find out everything you can about these “monsters” vs the usual Pokémon/humans coexisting building a bond on an adventure. I hope this Pokémon game takes the series in a new direction and can set up a more open world, non-linear Pokémon game where you’re completely free to explore and adventure on your own.

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