Ring Fit Adventures

I would definitely consider myself a gym rat, but with my interest and hobbies I’d definitely say I’m still a nerd at heart. This game literally mixes video games and fitness on a whole new level. This is not by any means a Wii Fit 2. This is a Fitness RPG. It’s much more difficult than I expected both in terms of fitness and gameplay. You got the story (which is all I’ve been doing) and there’s even a custom gameplay so you can just do a customized workout. This game beautifully mixes gameplay and fitness, and it’s beginner friendly for both. Warming you up properly, cooling you down, and even demonstrating/teaching you all the moves while explaining gameplay mechanics so you don’t have to be experienced with RPGs or fitness even. There’s an amazing story and world to journey through. You as Ring Fit Trainer travel with your Ring companion and after getting tricked into releasing the evil Bodybuilding Dragon, Dragaux. There’s tons of RPG elements in this pun filled world. There’s tons of cool designs and boss names like Abdonis. I love the evil Kettlebell dogs along with the Medicine Ball Puffer fish. The potion/boost are implemented through Protein Shakes or Fruit/vegetable smoothies. After getting introduced to basic moves, and the story you quickly are able to learn new moves and customize your moves more to your fitness level. It’s all split up by body part and there’s even some yoga poses. I will say at first I needed up doing tons of squats and didn’t need a leg day in the gym as my legs were burning as I chose to do squats mostly until I got more exercises I liked. I will say though this fun twist and beautiful blend is one of my favorite features and this game is literally something I would’ve loved to have created myself. I will say you can cheat the game, but you’re absolutely rewarded for actually putting in the work both in physique and gameplay. The better your form, the more damage you deal and experience you earn to level up. I will say with the story, quest, and mini games I never get bored and there’s an incentive to replay levels. Sometimes I’ve even replayed levels just for the workout. This game I personally feel is great for people who love RPGs and want  to find a way to get in shape or at least maintain the shape they’re in. While I can’t credit this game to the shape I’m in, at one point during Covid this was my source of fitness and I would dare say I that when I finally got back into the gym I was stronger and even in better shape from the 30min-1hr I spent on this game a day. Even for the gym rats I would t recommend much more than that cause you can sure break a sweat, but on the same note you can lower the level and it can just be a great game with fitness elements. Turn that baby up to lvl 9 and it quickly becomes a workout more than a game. This game I feel personally is criminally underrated and I love everything about this game and feel it made just for me. As a cardio hater, this game gives me just the replacement I need and I truly think this game is revolutionary in terms of fitness/gaming Ring Fit encourages you to listen to your body, and understand your limitations. This game never judges you even if you go a while without turning it on. I think it does great trying to switch to an active lifestyle.

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