Stardew Valley

So I have spent well over 100 hours on this game. I’d like to compare this to animal crossing but it’s much more than that. You’re in a 16-but countryside town in a house you got from your grandpa that you gotta fix up in your own way. Putting crops, animals, mushrooms, and even fruit bats on your property. You can farm, fish, mine, fight monsters, shop, go on monthly activities in the town, befriend everyone, and even go on dates! (Possibly with everyone male/female or both! They just have to be single) This game beautifully blends RPG elements with a farming simulator and it can be quite the adventure. Each NPC has their own story and personality. It’s fun to develop bonds and figure out what everyone’s story is. During each of the 4 seasons there’s a community event in the town you can choose to participate in. Each one is different and can be fun to take part in. Despite the huge variety of activities everything is fairly simple and easy to do, so nothing is too overwhelming or difficult to do. The real challenge is trying to squeeze everything into one day and figuring out how to maximize your time and make the most progress. The most fun thing for me is the difficulty of figuring how how to approach things and choosing how you want to play and what kind of farmer you wanna be. Some people wanna focus on livestock, and what not I tried to do a little bit of everything and hunt monsters in caves. My issue was I always wanted to make and sell my goods vs keeping my products for health/stamina I always just wanted to maximize my profits and upgrade my farm and have the best equipment possible. This game actually has a CO-OP where you can live and share the same property working with a friend or friends. With or without your friends, each day in this game has plenty of activities/ task for you to do. The hard part is trying to figure out what you want to do before the day ends. This was a game I loved playing solo, but it was even better playing with my wife and I even restarted and we made a whole new farm eventually completing everything exactly to our liking.

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