Undertale is a beautifully crafted experience that will really change your perception of what a good game/RPG really is. This game has a beautiful unique twist on traditional RPG tropes and delivers excellently. Every element of this game is crafted carefully and beautifully. The soundtrack is amazing and I love the pixel art graphics.  Undertake is a short and engaging game from start to finish. , it really exemplifies the power of writing and creativity, the characters are so real and their individual personalities stand out.

Undertale features a system of morality that will have you question every decision you make because why would you do such a thing to such lovable characters? It really does make you question your own sense of morality/justice. One thing this game does well is making you truly feel like you’re on an adventure. You don’t have a party with you, it’s you alone to tackle this world and make gut wrenching decisions.

 I believe Undertale to be an experience everyone should take as it’s worth the time and effort. It’s also a cheap game, but I certainly believe its depth justifies the price.

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