WWE 2K22

So I’m a little embarrassed to say I play these games as I’m sure I’m one of the few who play these games. I’ve always loved wrestling and at one point even tried my hand at trying to be a “Pro Wrestler” myself. Anyway, I used to spend hours on these games with my little brother and we loved teaming up, and going against each other doing all the crazy stuff you can thing of. Slamming and throwing  each other through tables, off ladders, and through barricades. (Much like we do in real life or want to) These games we’re always fun but around WWE 2K19 the games started getting too complex with what you could do and other stuff. The load screen were terribly long, the games crashed and became extremely glitchy becoming unplayable for even the die hard loyal fans. This game revitalized the series and while I won’t say it was a “great game” I loved Rey mysterio on the cover and playing through his career. As a kid me and my brother “weren’t allowed” to watch wrestling but we played the games. The games actually play you through wrestlers career and history of Wrestlemanias. So you actually get to watch and get up to date with everything WWE by playing the games anyway. Jokes on my parents lol. This game provided a much needed fix for the series and really changed how the entire game is played but in a good way. The moves and everything are pretty basic compared to pst games but I feel like this is a good game for new comers and fans alike because it’s a fresh start. They changed everything like wrestling mechanics, controls, and gaming engine. This was a fun game I played, as a wrestling fan. I also think that with the new start up this could be just a fun game to beat the crap out of your friends on, or even team up becoming an unstoppable tag team!

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