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I’m not the kind of author who wrote books to make money. I wrote my books, beginning with The Ascension Legacy series, to be read. To me, a book that languishes on a store shelf unsold or on a website not “added to cart” is the worst feeling an author can have. Because of this I am prone to giving away books to friends and family or even friends of friends or friends of family.

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But for anyone who has received a physical copy of the book from me has probably noticed a somewhat unique characteristic of my signed copies. All of my autographs are accompanied with the date the signature was made.

So why do I date my signatures?

This was actually a question from someone who noticed the date and thought it a bit strange given that most other signatures don’t include that.

Frankly, it is because I’m a collector.

I collect a variety of things from sports cards & ccg cards to figurines/models to signed sports memorabilia. As a collector I understand that signatures not only add value to pretty much anything (albeit any value my signature adds these days is minimal) but that there are periods in a celebrity’s career where signatures may be more common or rare and as such more or less valuable.

Now, I’m not making any attempt to claim that I am any celebrity who’s signature demands any appreciable value but on the off chance that something should ever change and me or my works increase in value then those dates may provide those recipients with leverage to claim signatures of significance based on those dates.

What would the value be to the first signed copy of The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien? Of course, how would one validate or certify the age of a signature without a date or some other verifiable point of reference? By signing my books with dates I give a level of authenticity to a signature’s age.

Could it be faked? Absolutely. If someone can forge a signature then it stands to reason that it would similarly easy, if not more so, to forge a date. But on the flip side of that coin, it is likely that a simple forgery will like overlook this unusual feature of my signatures to make it easier to identify basic forgeries or to compare those dates against significant events in my life and the life of my books to better ensure the signature’s legitimacy.

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