Meet the Characters of The Ascension Legacy

As my series The Ascension Legacy continues to see more books in the series released, take some time to learn about the characters from the series. If you’ve never read a book in the series and want to learn more about it or even if you are well into the series and just looking for a refresher, check out the character bios here.

The Ascension Legacy follows the adventures of an elf named Riorik and his growing circle of friends. While there are a great many characters involved through the series, get to know the key characters.

Riorik Leafwalker

The younger brother of the elven mage Kirin Leafwalker and son of Cyrel and Bjiki Leafwalker, Riorik grew up in the elven village of Rishdel. His childhood was anything but easy or fun. Before his birth, Riorik’s father, a high-ranking and well-respected member of the elven military group known as Rangers, disappeared after returning from a disaterous deployment that left him “mentally unstable”. When a search party finds a decapitated body in the woods outside their village, Riorik’s father is accussed of murdering another elf, the most severe of crimes among their kind. Unable to find Cyrel and bring him to face the elven justice for his crimes, the elves of Rishdel project the shame associated with Cyrel’s actions on the family he left behind.

Riorik spends the majority of his childhood with only two friends, his brother Kirin and a neighbor roughly the same age as Riorik named Nordahs. Riorik and Nordahs’s friendship is viewed as unusual among the elves since it was Nordahs’s father Cyrel Leafwalker was believed to have murdered before disappearing. Despite the unusualness of their friendship, the two father-less elves form an unbreakable bond.

When Riorik becomes of age and was expected to choose a path, Riorik opted to follow in his father’s footsteps to join the Rangers. This was a great shock to other elves who had expected that he would choose to study abroad, just as his brother Kirin had. Elves expressed their disdain for his decision but the tradition-steeped society allowed Riorik’s decision rather than compromise their beliefs and generations of traditions.

When Riorik’s experience with the Rangers leaves him feeling conflicted about the group’s true devotion to each other, Riorik decides to apply his knowledge and training in finding his father.

Riorik Leafwalker


Nordahs Bladeleaf

Riorik’s childhood elf friend, Nordahs is the son of Shadrack Bladeleaf, Cyrel Leafwalker’s friend, fellow Ranger, and presumed victim. Nordahs is skilled with a bow and an expert hunter. Like Riorik, Nordahs joins the Rangers when he comes of age and the pair of friends pass the tests and struggles of training to become full-fledged Rangers, just like their fathers.

Nordahs Bladeleaf


Wuffred “Hugh” Klienhart

The lone human among the elves in the Rangers, Wuffred is a berserker, a fighter with an intense rage that makes them devastating and dangerous to friends and foes alike.

After being forced to flee from his home after an incident left some of his own family dead, Wuffred sought refuge among the elves. He was given refuge but was subjected to oppressive conditions under the care of the elves who were not tolerant of other races. When the elves discover his secret, the leaders of the Rangers order his execution at the hands of his friends, Riorik and Nordahs.

When the pair of elves decide to disobey their orders to kill their friend, Wuffred, still only known as Hugh by the elves, vows to follow his friends and aid them in their endeavors to thank them for sparing his life.

Wuffred Klienhart

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