My First Podcast Interview

Recently, I was invited to participate as a guest on my first podcast. I was interviewed for a local magazine in 2020 and participated in another author's release party in 2021 but podcasts have been something of a mystery to me.

After doing the interview there was a rush of emotions. I was nervous about how I sounded in the interview, how well I represented myself and my work, how others would respond, etc. I've not been one to seek out the limelight or publicity in a long time so to say that there was some anxiety around doing an interview was an understatement.

It took a few days after the interview before the podcast went live. I'll be honest, it took me a few days before I'd listen to it. I've heard myself on recordings before and I hate the sound of my voice. The thought of listening to my twangy accent was less than enticing to me.

Surprisingly, when I took the time to actually listen to the podcast, it wasn't that bad. Sure, my thick country accent was on full display, as was my odd country humor, but the back and forth between me and the host worked. Brian was a good host for that episode and I was disappointed to hear that shortly after that Brian stepped down and a new host took over.

We talked about Books 1 & 2 of my Ascension Legacy series, the imminent release of Book 3 (which happened just days later), and the other works I had left to publish among other things. All in all, the interview came out pretty well. Brian did an excellent job editing out the empty space and what not.

I ended the interview feeling nervous and anxious about the output but after hearing the results, I'm cautiously optimistic about doing more interviews. The group that runs the podcast has already started talking with me about future interviews to discuss my future releases.

I'm still uneasy with the idea of public appearances but podcasts may be a good start while I address my social anxiety issues.

Check out my podcast with my friends over at The Authors Spot on their website:

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