My Top Reads: Animal Farm

Continuing on my journey of discussing some of my all-time favorite books to read, the latest is a classic. Animal Farm by George Orwell was first published in 1945. I don't know when it was first considered a masterpiece or became thought of as a classic book but I know in when I was in school it had already been deemed both. Of course, in recent years it saw some level of controversy, though I can't say that I followed along with it enough to know why or what the result was. I just know it was in the news for a bit a few years back, but then again, most classics usually touch on premises or social constructs that are frowned upon these days so it stands to reason that there were elements that were considered acceptable at the time of the book's publishing that some probably disagree with today and have expressed their opinion on the matter in the media.

Potential controversy aside, this was a book that I read multiple times throughout my scholastic career. I found it entertaining enough to read again and again. And despite not having read it in the last several years, I still have fond memories of reading it. That says a lot to me about the quality of book when you can think back to the last time you read it and still smile, even if its been over twenty years since you last read it.

However, if I had to take a quiz on the book today I would likely fail. Many of the character names have faded and certain plot points may have been forgotten, but rather than view my aging forgetfulness as a sign of a lower quality book, I prefer to think of it as a testament to the opposite. Since reading Animal Farm last, I have read dozens of books and most I don't even remember their titles, much less anything about the actual books. So while details of Animal Farm have escaped me over the years the fact that it still remains firmly in my mind as a top read where those others are even less than a memory only serves as proof of the book's endurance.

While I wish I could provide you all with teasers and background information to wet your whistle and encourage you to read it but sadly, I can't. As I said, its been so many years since I last read it that I don't think I could do it justice. Perhaps this will also serve as a gentle push to have me revisit one of my old favorites.

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