My Top Reads - Moon Knight

I know many of you may be wondering what Moon Knight is and well, it isn't a book. Moon Knight is a character. To more precise, Moon Knight is a comic book character in the Marvel's menagerie of characters. Sure, Moon Knight was recently announced as a character getting his own show on Disney+ but my interest in Moon Knight predates that announcement, though not by much.

to be honest, it was only recently that I found an interest in comics. Growing up, there really weren't any comic book stores that were accessible to me living out in the country. It took 20 minutes just to drive into town and I was a bit of a black sheep among my family which all combined to leave comics out of my reach. However, in recent years we have had a legitimate comic book store open in Corsicana, Oiltown Comics.

The store's owner, Nick, truly loves comics and is super knowledgeable about the many different characters, story lines, and anything else you may be curious about. During one of my visits to his store to buy some of his collectibles, I'm a big Magic: The Gathering collector, he and started talking about comics. After a few probing questions about my interests, Nick quickly pointed me to the Moon Knight series and described how it ticked many of the boxes for my interests.

I left that store that day with not 1 but 2 Moon Knight books and I've been hooked since. Moon Knight is an incredibly complex character that struggles with his mental health issues and his long history. I won't ruin the story line but the character draws his power from an ancient Egyptian god where the power of the moon aides him, e.g. Moon Knight.

Being that Moon Knight is a comic character, there are entire series for the character out there that explore different themes and plots while incorporating the character's many issues and complexities. This also means that there will continue to be a variety of new stories for the character leaving readers and fans with an ever-growing library of material to read.

I hope that the upcoming Disney+ show does the character justice but after watching WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier, I have a firm belief that they will. Disney has excelled with the Marvel properties in recent years so it stands to reason their future endeavors might also enjoy that success.

And I know that I haven't spoken much about Moon Knight's story or what it is about him that draws me to that comic over others. The fact is that there are many stories out there about Moon Knight and while I might be drawn to one story, someone else might be more drawn to another. Among comic book characters, Moon Knight is a bit of a dark horse, an unknown, a black sheep. The movies that make up the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) focus on more traditionally known  heroes and those characters have seen a surge in their popularity as a result. But now, having been introduced to Moon Knight myself and being intrigued by the character's nontraditional background, all I can do is help to introduce this rather unique character to others so that they may better enjoy and understand the Disney+ show when it launches.

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