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Similar to my post from 6/30/21 where I promote and discuss my positive experiences with Newman Springs Publishing, I'd like to take today to talk about my satisfaction with Snow Tree Media and specifically my interactions with one of their team members, Brett.

Now, if you are a frequent visitor to my blog then you are already probably familiar with the name Snow Tree Media. This is not the first time that I have mentioned them, but just like with my publisher, Newman Springs, my pleasure in working with them will compel me to mention them, their involvement in my ever-expanding experience, and my appreciation for what they have done for me whenever relevant.

I first came to know Brett and Snow Tree Media through my publisher. The exact nature of the partnership between Snow Tree Media and Newman Springs Publishing is still unknown to me but it is inconsequential to me. Regardless of the connection between these two entities, my publisher connected me with Snow Tree Media as part of a promotional exercise. The terms and condition of that promotion will remain private but understand that I did not seek out Snow Tree Media and they did not solicit me but rather we were put together via my publisher as part of their partnership with Snow Tree Media.

I will admit, I had my suspicions on how or what Snow Tree Media could do for me but I was willing to entertain the prospect of them elevating my overall exposure. At first, my experience was limited to a few simple email exchanges. It was basic introductions and exchanges of information. Nothing too special, nothing to be excited or worried about. It was during these first few emails that I was first introduced to Brett, who I mistakenly called Brent a few times.

Brett laid out a basic plan or approach for what services he would provide. Essentially, Brett would take over my Facebook and Instagram accounts used to promote my books. In addition to that, the team at Snow Tree Media would help to set up a website capable of e-commerce through Shopify. While the help with the social media accounts were of GREAT interest to me, the Shopify account was something of questionable value at the time. Sure, the website was e-commerce enabled but it would require me to ship books ordered through the website. There was no integration with Amazon or the printer (Ingram) to do drop ship orders.

After reviewing what Brett had to tell me about the Shopify website, we discussed options and configurations, and Brett helped me configure the commerce settings more to my liking. Of course, having a professional history in web design I was able to fine tune a few things beyond that too. And while I had my own custom website before Snow Tree Media and I partnered, I have come to find that I like the features of the Shopify site that Brett helped build.

But, like I said, I was most excited at the prospect of what Snow Tree Media and Brett could do for my online presence through Facebook and Instagram. I had no real knowledge or experience with managing social media at a professional level. I had no knowledge of how Facebook ads worked, how to use hashtags, or even how to find posts using hashtags. I was a complete novice when it came to social media.

I needed Brett's expertise. I needed Brett's help. I needed what Snow Tree Media could provide.

For the next six months Brett consistently posted on my accounts. He developed a variety of themes and schedules to keep the content flowing and unique. We would exchange phone calls or emails intermittently to discuss ideas for posts, areas where I could provide information he could use for posts, and contests that I wanted to do.

But beyond those conversations, Brett provided me with an education.

During our conversations Brett not only would explain what he was doing with my social media accounts but also why he was doing what he was doing. Through our discussions, I learned why to use hashtags, how to use hashtags, and how to leverage those hashtags to find others that may share my passions who I can connect with to mutually increase our levels of exposure to others in pursuit of our goals.

It was a much needed and valuable education for me. Something that I will always be grateful to Brett for providing.

Sadly, after six months of Brett's efforts, I was forced to terminate my my connection with Brett and Snow Tree Media. As the promotion with my publisher that brought Snow Tree Media and I together coming to an end, the expense required to maintain my partnership with Snow Tree Media was too great at that time. During the time Brett and I had worked together on managing and expanding my social media presence I had to undergo a medical surgery to repair a minor but very painful injury. That surgery came at a great financial expense to me despite my healthcare coverage and due to the loss of income and savings that resulted, I was unable to afford to retain Brett's services for a longer period.

And even though I have since had to terminate my relationship with Snow Tree Media it does not take away from the wonderful experience I had while working with them nor does it make me any less grateful for the knowledge gained through my conversations with Brett. While I may no longer be using their services, or at least not right now but hopefully again in the future, I do not want that to imply or discourage anyone else from using Snow Tree Media's services. I had a wonderful experience with Snow Tree Media and Brett.

If I could have afforded to keep that partnership alive, I would have. There is still work to do with my social media presence but thanks to Snow Tree Media and Brett, I am more capable of doing that than ever before. I am still far from an expert in these matters but thanks to Brett, I am much more knowledgeable today than I was 6 months ago. I cannot credit anyone else with that growth but Snow Tree Media.

Thank you, Brett and the rest of the Snow Tree Media team.

You can find Snow Tree Media online through their website or Facebook.


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