What I’m writing in 2022

As 2022 gets underway, I continue my publishing journey for The Ascension Legacy series. Books 1 & 2 are already released. Book 3 is slated for release later this year. Book 4, 5, & 6 are already written. Some minor edits and reviews are still being done but they are simply waiting for their turn to be published. With only 6 books in that series and all 6 books being written, I’ve turned my attention to creating new stories, characters, and worlds in new books.

I have multiple new stories planned and primed. Some have been started while others are waiting patiently in the wings for me to direct my attention to them.

So what am I working on these days?

My primary focus is split between 3 different books.

The first book is a follow-up story that builds on the world created in The Ascension Legacy series but focuses on largely a new character’s journey. Some familiar faces from the series appear in the story but are more ancillary characters and not primary characters. The story focuses on the background of magic’s origins in Corsallis, its influence in the historical events that led to the Ascension War, and its resurgence. 

The second book is something of a spy novel. A cheesy James Bond-esque action adventure inspired by some of the conspiracy theories around COVID’s origins. A secret agent is sent to a foreign land to stop a shadowy outfit believed to be working on a plot to kill millions using a virus engineered in a secret lab. Can the agent find the lab and stop the group’s plot before its too late? Misdirection and betrayal threaten to intervene, letting the virus be released on an unsuspecting public.

The third book is a mix of mythology and literary fiction. Drawing on Greek mythology about Atlantis, the Greek gods, and Demi-gods, the story puts a new spin on a variety of topics as it spans centuries, millennia, of history. There’s actually a fair amount of this story developed but its hard to explain at this point without spoiling some of the many twists it contains.

I’d like to think that I’ll be able to finish all three books in 2022 but writing is so subjective to inspiration, motivation, and opportunity that 3 books in one year might be a bit of a stretch. Honestly, if I’m lucky, I might be able to finish one of the three as long as I can focus on only 1 book but here lately it seems that my attention bounces between them.  Luckily, with the last three books in The Ascension Legacy series being completed and three other unrelated stories completed leaving me with a total of 6 finished but unreleased stories means that I have time to work on these stories (and others) before I’ll run out of things to publish.

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