Random Blog Posts

If you've spent any time looking through my blog then you will have noticed that my blog entries are very random in context. Some are about my books. Some are about my publishing journey. Others talk about my childhood. And then there are some that just seem to chronicle my random life events or opinions.

There really isn't a connecting theme that binds every post, at least not on the surface.

While there may not seem to be any rhyme or reason for all of the various entries, each blog entry is an extension of myself. I don't only want to offer entertainment to readers in the form of my books but I want to be able to connect with the readers. I want readers, authors, and anyone else that visits my site to see me as the individual I am and not just a faceless book peddler.

Even when I'm writing about my characters in my books, I'm telling you something about me. What my experiences and inspirations were that went into creating the character's personality, physical traits, and sometimes even their names. I'm not just using the blog entries as blind marketing and advertising but trying to show that my writing comes from a very personal place that draws from my very being.

The more someone understands me, the more they'll understand my writing. At least I hope they will.

Even when I'm writing a blog blasting the NFL and proposed rule changes I'm telling you about me, my personality, my outlook on things. And all of those things play into the personalities and characteristics of those in my books. My love of history and conspiracy theories can be found mixed into my writing. My experiences playing video games and D&D with my friends can be felt through my books.

To truly understand my books, you have to understand me. That's not to say that my books can't be enjoyed unless you know me but there's a special connection between an author and their works. To fully appreciate the books, one must appreciate its source.

I tell people I'm like an open book and this blog is an example of that. I don't shy away from talking about myself, my past, my goals, and how all of that ties back to my writing. So just because this week's entry isn't related to a specific book, a writing exercise, a publishing tidbit, or a possible scam alert targeting authors doesn't mean that it isn't connected to all of those things.

I am an author but I am also more than that. I am a person. I am husband. I am father. I am a co-worker. I am a gamer. I am so much more than just an author and I think it is important that I not try to hide behind my books. Yes, I am an introvert but that doesn't mean that I don't want my readers to know me and not just my books.