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What Does an Author "Owe" Their Readers?

For some of you, the title of this blog may look very familiar. I actually ran across an article with a similar name by another author (found here). After reading her article and the information it contained, it got me thinking about how I would answer that question.

Being the no BS country boy that I am, I had a different take on that question than what it seemed the author and others mentioned in the post had. Given that I had my own thoughts on the question, I figured it might be worthwhile to put together my own post on the topic.

So what does an author owe their readers?

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Shoutout to Snow Tree Media

If you are an avid reader of my blog then you might recall a previous article when I talked about my brief but exceptional involvement with Snow Tree Media (if not, you can read it here). Basically, I was put into contact with Snow Tree Media as part of a promotional service through Newman Springs Publishing, my original publisher for the first few books in my Ascension Legacy series. For roughly 6 months I worked with Brett on getting my social media accounts synched up and consistent, a shopify website built (this one), and just in general Brett giving me an education in some basic strategies for doing online marketing. When my promotional period expired I had to make the tough choice to end my partnership with Snow Tree Media. I didn't want to but at the time it was a matter of do I spend the funds to market my 1 book or do I spend those funds to publish my next book. I chose to publish more books since The Ascension Legacy is a series and not just a single novel.

What good would it have done to market the first book in a series when there was no money left to publish the rest, right?

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